May 02, 2012

Wedding Eve

Hey Everyone ...

My last night as a single gal was spent with great thought. We had a beautiful rehearsal and rehearsal dinner with friends and family and then took it to the dance floor at my mans venue. It was such a great night surrounded by all the people I love the most.

I had hoped to not see Doug after midnight, but we just couldn't make it work When we realized we would see each other "on our wedding day" -  we decided to make sure we were spending it only with each other. My bridesmaid Kari actually snapped a picture she calls ... "The Final Embrace" :)

Moments after this picture me and a few of my favorite people went back to my place. I popped a very unique and symbolic bottle of wine. It was a bottle I'd been saving for about 6 years. I had been saving it for the "right moment". Let's just say - this was it.

I had a total three of my bridesmaids staying the night. My dear friend Shelly - who I actually met through Doug and is one of his best friends - was asleep next to me. To me that was so appropriate, to have a special part of Doug's past laying next to me as I fall asleep the last time as a Miss :)

The moments before you fall asleep on the night before you say "I Do" can be very special if you take time to really stop and absorb what you are feeling. I took a moment to do just that as I fell asleep.

I thought I would share my thoughts ...

Mrs. Green

My wedding eve thoughts ... 4/21/12 (well technically about 4am on 4/22/12 .. ha)

As I fall asleep tonight, my mind races with many thoughts. So many memories of Doug and I play out in my head. The best feeling in the world is that not one of them is negative. I have not one single tiny doubt that I want to get married and be with Doug until the end of time. He is so good. So right. He is my everything.

Ahhh!!! I am such a lucky girl! The word WIFE has never sounded so sweet.

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