May 22, 2013

Cookies In Bed

Hey ya'll,

I made me and the hubs some amazing protein filled bedtime cookies that won't make you fill the least bit guilty, yes even right before bed! It's actually a myth that you should starve yourself before bedtime, especially if you are properly exercising your muscles! You just need to eat the RIGHT food! These also would be great post workout treats! They were delicious!

Mix Dry Ingredients:

*1 scoop Chocolate Casein Protein (I use Designer Whey)
*1/2 cup PB2. I mixed half regular and half chocolate.
*1/2 tsp baking soda
*1 cup oats
*2 pkgs Splenda

Add Wet Ingredients:

* 1 small tbs coconut oil
* Roughly 3 heaping tbs of Vanilla Greek Yogurt. I use yoplait because its lowest in sugar and high protein.
* 1/4 cup egg whites
* Couple drops vanilla extract

Mix well. Spoon onto non stick cookie sheet and bake 20-25min at 325. However our oven messed up last night and will only broil. So we broiled at 350 for about 15min.

Made about 9-11 small cookies. Unsure on nutrition count because I didn't calculate. But it would be easy to add up. Regardless they are made up of good fats/proteins/carbs! Enjoy!