September 26, 2012


Hey Ya'll,

Well, thanks to all the dusty boxes (and the severe allergy I have to dust mites) I lay here on the first night in our new home - sniffling, sneezing and feverish.

Boxes and black trash bags are in every room and around every corner for as far as the eye can see .. I am living on 3 outfits in a suitcase .. it took me 10 min to find toothpaste .. I showered with no shower curtain .. my cats won't stop hissing at each other ... and my bed still reeks of that horrible "new" plastic smell - but I'm the coziest I've been in months, maybe years!!

We are in our first HOUSE together!! The hubs and I bought a loft before we were married when I first moved to town, but this is our first home as a married couple, as The Green Family! I've missed living in a house- with hallways, corners, rooms and lots of walls. Loft living is great and certainly has it's perks but there are things I've missed about having a house, that is for sure. One example - silence! As you read in my last blog, silence wasn't something we had much of where we lived before. In addition to the arguing going on next door, our neighbors upstairs walked with heavy feet to say the least. That combined with an OLD building in which your ceiling is their floor  - not good. So I am enjoying the sound of NOTHING as I type!
Today has been a whirlwind of go-go-go-go! So much, that I realized we never took a picture of the move, of us in front of our new home, nothing! What kind of wifey am I, haha!! Oh well, there will be plenty of pictures to come! Besides, they didn't put a cute little "SOLD" sign up anyway - so I mean really - what difference does it make :)

Mrs. Green

PS - Exactly one year ago the hubs and I were in the middle of the ocean on our yearly vacation. Doug's heart was racing and meanwhile I had NO CLUE that he was about to ask THE question that led to everything we are experiencing today. What better timing, huh?! Spending the "one year anniversary" of our engagement closing on our first "home" together :)  You can read all about the big proposal here.  (*That link is to our wedding webpage, no clue how long they stay up. Hopefully a long time*)

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