April 04, 2013

Today I thank God - For Unanswered Prayers.

Hey Everyone,

There wouldn't be a "Good Wifey" blog if it weren't for this very day five years ago.

On 4/4/08 - the weather was pretty much exactly as it is today. Rainy, a little chilly and gloomy. The only difference is that 5 years ago, my attitude matched the weather, haha. I had just recently ended a horrible marriage and didn't want to meet anyone. I was literally trapped in a relationship with a man that I did not love and was even scared of at times. Well, I shouldn't say that I never loved my ex. I'm sure at one time there was some sort of love, but overall I loved him in the way a little girl loves a lost puppy dog. I wanted to help him - but couldn't - and in the process I lost who I was. I was alone almost all the time. Even when we were together. So I'm not sure why I was SO adamant about being "alone" after my marriage ended, but I was. I prayed that God would allow me to one day experience love, but never expected it to come so soon.

I was having margaritas and mexican food with a few friends from work and swearing off going out or dating for 3 months. That's when my friend (who did some PR work for a new bar where I lived) asked me to run with her to work really fast. In a t-shirt and hat .. I said NO WAY am I going out tonight. She convinced me that it wasn't out. That it was 10pm and the bar had just opened and that we would be "in and out". So I went with her.

She was taking a little bit of time, so I decided to order a drink while I waited. I wasn't driving - so why not!! That's when I laid eyes on him. I instantly thought to myself - who in the world is this hot guy and why have I never seen him in my city?! I ordered my drink (which he gave me for free, ha) and went straight to my friend that managed the bar and said ... "He needs to know who I am". HaHa. A bold move for someone who was dead set on NOT meeting anyone, right?! Maybe it was the margaritas talking or maybe it was fate stepping in and taking over  - I think the latter. 

My friend introduced us and we literally talked ALL NIGHT. Luckily the bar was slow that night and he was allowed to leave early. We went to waffle house and literally talked and talked and talked until the sun came up! Come to find out, this guy didn't live in Knoxville, he lived in Nashville and was here working/helping a friend open a new bar. He was in grad school and this was his job while he was finishing school. We shared so much in common. He too had just gone through a divorce. It was like I had someone to vent with that "got it".  For weeks we talked on the phone for HOURS. We looked forward to seeing each other on weekends, but that is really where I hoped it would stay.

Long story short - that weekend relationship/friendship grew. I fell so hard and experienced a love like I never knew was possible. That is because .. it was real. I had never experienced REAL love until I met him. God sent me my soul mate that day. I have NO idea why, but I certainly don't question anything now. I thank Him everyday for this gift. I know that so many people never get to feel what we do. It doesn't hurt that on that day - I also met THREE of my now best friends :) I had also prayed that God take away all the bad in my life. It's funny .. I lost a few "friends" .. but I gained those three. I love you Shelly, Kari and Rod!

In just a few weeks we will celebrate our ONE year wedding anniversary. Please stay tuned to this blog - I plan on posting some very special things associated with that day. I wrote our ceremony - I plan to post the verbatim. We wrote our own vows - I plan to post those too. God gave us a beautiful gift and I am proud to share it with the world!! My message to all of you on this day is DO NOT SETTLE! I'm not saying relationships/marriage don't take some work, but if it becomes a JOB, if it takes all your energy, if you find yourself unhappy more often than not, if you wake up, roll over and don't smile because you are perfectly content/happy/thrilled at the person laying beside you - then please rethink where you are and what you are doing. Life is TOO SHORT to not feel what I now feel. You will never know what is out there, the person you are MEANT to be with, if you stay in a miserable relationship out of guilt or habit.

To my sweet Doug.....5 years ago God sent me an angel. He had me cross paths with someone that would make my world a better place. Someone that would change my heart, my outlook on life/love and years later become my husband. I certainly didn't want to fall in love with you - but on 4/4/08 - God had other plans for both of us. I met my best friend and slowly and hesitantly I let you in my heart. I am so gald that I did. I love you. Thank you for making me a better person.  

Mrs. Green

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