May 27, 2012

So Forgetful

Hey Everyone ..

I told you I would really have no clue what I'd write about on here, but I just had a very strong feeling come over me relating to my marriage that I thought I would share.

I had an old high school friend send me a chat on FB saying "Congrats on getting re-married". Her words threw me off for a second. Instead of a simple "thank you" - I instantly latched onto two letters - RE!
I was not offended in anyway. It wasn't her - it was me. 

I told her thank you, but that I didn't see it that way, that I don't see it as I got "re-married". I see it simply see it as "I got married".

It's amazing our capability as humans to literally almost totally forget something that was SUCH a part of our life. I swear it has to be a sweet gift from above. That part of my life (my previous marriage) is such a distant fragment of my jaded past that I don't even remember it sometimes. To me, it feels like Doug has been mine for a thousand lifetimes.(*I even wrote that in my vows that I plan to post soon*). I think so little about the fact that I was married years ago that someone saying "re" just seemed so foreign to me.I guess that is why I was so quick to snap and say what I did. It just made me think. I guess this is a prime example of how your past doesn't always play a part in your present or future. Sure, I learned a lot from that marriage, it would be a shame if I hadn't. However, I certainly didn't learn anything that I have had to use in this marriage. It guess me meeting my now husband and getting MARRIED was more of a re-birth as a person more than it was a re-marriage.

Maybe the courthouse has some file in their computer that says different, but in my eyes he will always be my one and only.

Mrs. Green

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