May 17, 2012

Laundry List

Hey Everyone ...

Doug and I divide our major chores around the house. He usually does dishes and trash and I do laundry and litter box. After that - we are simply responsible for our own mess and clean as it needs it (or .. okay .. let someone else do it most the time).

One of the things I hate most about doing laundry (other than folding it) is the fact that no matter what I do I can't get those stupid yellow armpit stains outta my hubby's undershirts! Ewww!

You can imagine my excitement when I found a "recipe" online to fix this.  I am by NO means domestic and chances are I will mess this up. But here is the solution I found :) Let me know if you all have one too!

One part Dawn dish washing liquid.

Mix and pour directly on stain.

(Specifically this one lady used - 1 tsp. Dawn dish washing detergent, 3-4 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, and a couple tablespoons of baking soda)

Now - the next part I'm not sure which works best. I read one article that also added baking soda and scrubbed with a small brush - waited an hour - washed as usual.  I read another that literally just poured the mixture on and let it sit a few and wash as usual.

I also read this worked on colors as well and other stubborn stains like oil and grease!

I think I'll be a good wifey and give it a try :)

Mrs. Green

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