July 21, 2012

Things To Do With Your Husband

Hey All ...

We are approaching our 3 month wedding anniversary. So crazy how time literally passes with the blink of an eye!

We barely had time for a honeymoon (had to wait a month) and from the time we returned home, its' been go, go, go. What time we do have "off " together seems so limited or at the end of a slammed week, so we just end up catching up on doing a bunch of nothing, haha. Not to mention our schedules aren't the easiest to work around. Most our "time off" is at a time when nothing is open.

We can sit on the couch and be perfectly happy, but I know it's important to have dates and spend quality time together out of the house and out of the social scene. I ran across a few pages with great things to do with your husband. I've compiled a list of a few things I've found and a few things I've thought of myself. Sadly most of them are things we would have to take a day off to do together - but they sure sound fun!!

Feel free to comment and add your own ideas too!!!

Mrs. Green

Have a movie marathon and don't leave the couch all day! No Phones! Pizza and Popcorn too :)
Google yummy meals and plan a week of different food - then shop and cook - together! 
Go to the gym together – This is the ONE thing we do regularly. 3 days a week together. It's our hour :)
Shopping for something new for you and for him. Pick out the others item :)
Board Games - Yea it's cheesy but different!
Head to a vineyard
Long walk around the block – holding hands :)
Go on a picnic
Make a photo album  - This is  4 1/2 years past due. We've wanted tod o this digitally for years. #fail. haha
Sit outside and watch the sunset or sunrise
Head to a coffee shop and chill - No phones!
Day trip to a special location nearby – for us it would could be Cape Cod!
Professional Ballgame - Go Titans, Go Preds!
Go Bowling
Go to the Zoo
Day on the lake
Roller Skating or Ice Skating
Couple massage
Mini golf
Recreate your very first date
Head to a flea market to dig for treasures
Sit by the fire - and make out :)
Watch your wedding video together
Spend the night at a local B&B
Go hiking
Take a fitness class together
Make your own sundaes
Make your own sushi - did this once. It was time consuming but fun!
Lay in your backyard and look up at the stars
Lay in your backyard and watch the clouds on a sunny day
Head to an amusement park
Go zip-lining!
Make a cake
Go to church together and then make a good ole southern Sunday meal and invite everyone over
Make breakfast and eat it in bed
Create a scavenger hunt for each other of clues that only the 2 of you would know and understand
Visit a local animal shelter
Visit a water park
Volunteer together
Clean house - in your undies - or in your bday suit :)
Visit a nursing home - find a willing couple - have them tell you their love story!
Spend the night in a hotel just for fun! Order room service!
Get tipsy over a bottle of wine

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