August 22, 2012

FOUR Months Of Bliss

Hello Everyone,

There is nothing like getting good news!!  But there is REALLY nothing like getting good news on a "milestone date" in your life.

The hubs and I got some GREAT news on our "Four Month" anniversary!! We got an "accepted offer" on a house we are buying!!! I know there isn't anything special about being married "4 months", well not to most. But my husband and I have this strange thing with fours and eights, especially eights. It's kind of eerie.

A few examples for you. There are plenty more. These are just the first that come to mind.

We met on 4/4/08
I started my job in the town I moved (to be with my how hubs) on 4/8
We got engaged on Sept 26th (6 + 2 = 8)
Our wedding date is 4/22/12 (Yes 4 and then 2 +2 is 4 .. which equals 8)

Now, as I mentioned in the blog HOME SWEET HOME we were house hunting earlier this summer. Sadly the original house we wanted fell through. BUT everything works out in God's perfect timing because we found another house that is SO much better! It is for sure, without a doubt, "the one". Ready for some more magic 8's?!

It was day 88 on the market that we got an ACCEPTED contract on the place we are selling!
The buyer wants to close (his choice) on Sept 26th. Yup, the ONE year anniversary of our engagement!
The accepted offer on our new house has both a 4 and an 8 in it.

I bet we sound totally crazy, haha! We aren't - it's just always weird like that. 4's and 8's always find their way into our life in some weird way.

Cheers to a new and HAPPY HOME in just about ThirtyFOUR days!!!

Mrs. Green

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