September 30, 2012

@#*&*#* ... Curtains

Hey Ya'll,

I am a minimalist, so I don't always love curtains in a room, but in some cases they are just needed. We really tall ceilings and a gorgeous formal living room and formal dining room that I found the perfect modern/simple curtains for. I ordered them, left them in their packing for the move and pulled them out tonight to start the hanging process.

The hubs and I broke up the "curtain roles" and were ready to put a dint in our very long to do list. As much as I hate to iron (seriously, I am not sure I've done it in years) my role was to wash and iron. Meanwhile, the hubs role was anything involving patience and power tools, meaning he got to hang the fixtures and curtains.

This should be easy enough, right? WRONG!! From the get go this wasn't a smooth process. I heard a few "choice" word come out of the hubs mouth several times and I was called to pick up dropped brackets and screws several times - and that is just for starters.

On my end, the darn things just wouldn't de-wrinkle I had to leave and get starch hoping that would work. Two loads of laundry, two hours and a bottle of starch later, things were "going" ... until I noticed that some of the curtains were wider than the others. I thought maybe I was seeing things. After all I still haven't had a full nights sleep and this was my view for what seemed like days!!

The hubs started noticing the same as he would hang them. One would drag the ground, one would be an inch off the ground, etc. I got all one size, for sure. To make sure we checked the tags on the curtains, the receipt, everything. We thought maybe our windows are uneven? Maybe the rods were crooked? Let's just say, he hung the rods, took them down, lowered them, hung them again, etc., but it was not our eye or our walls - it's the darn fabric!!! Whoever cuts, sews, measures, whatever at WEST ELM - we curse you!! Literally - we cursed you A LOT!  48x108 is 48x108 .. not 47 x109 or 49 x 111 **yes, we measured the fabric and some of them were that off**

We aren't taking them back - it's just more trouble than it's worth. However they will be hearing from me! So if you come to our house and notice the curtain length is "off"  - don't you dare say a word! For someone with OCD about things being "perfect" - this was NOT a good night!

Mrs. Green

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