October 02, 2012

Panic Attack

Well .. we've been in our house less than a week and the hubs almost got his stuff thrown out on the lawn already!
In a house, especially one fairly close to a busy road, I obviously have more fur mom concerns than when I was in a loft and their great escape was a hallway. I'm more cautious than ever! I am checking at our feet when we open doors, making sure people understand I will kill them if they let my babies out, etc. So imagine my panic when tonight my oldest child Gizmo is literally NO WHERE to be found.
He almost always greets me. When he doesn't I can usually find him snoozing in one of his cozy spots. Not tonight. I was on the phone with the hubs and instantly went into major freak out mode. I looked everywhere, even rooms we haven't really gone in yet! I frantically went back to our finished basement. We aren't using it yet, but the hubs had been down there getting our mount ready for our TV to be hung and there was one place I hadn't looked... the crawl space.

I open the door and out he runs. I was beyond relieved. Who knows how many special forces I woulda called in for this one had he been missing! That's my boy!! And did I mention they have never been outside? 110% indoor cats.
As much as I appreciate the hubs productiveness....a very dusty and tad grumpy Gizmo and I say ... the hubs is grounded ;-)

Mrs Green


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    1. Concert blast - yes. panic. I thought my fur child was out on the streets. Obviously the tone of my blog is playful. But yes. Panic.