October 16, 2012

And the most challanging part of marriage is .....

Hey All,

"Talking about problems calms women down -- but for men, it riles them up". - Exert from a study on marriage.

Raise your hand if you can relate to that one?! 

In our vows, I told my husband that I knew that every moment wouldn't be as perfect that one, but I'd sure try.  I'd say any and all of you married people out there agree. It's your wish. It's your goal. It's your desire...to always be as happy as you are in that moment that you say "I Do". But so is life I guess. The devil attempts to get into our hearts or minds, stress causes harsh words, you get comfortable, etc. Even the most "perfect" couples bicker. But what do most people even fight about?!

I read on a webpage (that asked their readers) - What are the most challenging part of being marriage?  Here is how it broke down.

Do you all agree with the results? What do you and our significant other "fight" about and how do you reach a conclusion? Are you like most women.. and talking helps? Or are you like most men..and it only makes you angrier?

I have to say I agree. My husband and I really do get along and see eye to eye on just about everything - but any issue we have ever had have centered around Communication. And it's true - I like to talk about it - He does NOT. 

I have interviewed several elderly people (still married) in my career and I'd always ask them the secret to a long marriage. Almost all would say "Don't go to bed mad". But then again when I think about it .. I'm pretty sure all of the elderly people that said that....were women, haha.

So what is the perfect "meet in the middle"??

Geez ... couldn't the big man upstairs just have wired us to think the same? haha.

Mrs. Green

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