October 14, 2012

Weather Woes = Birthday Party NO's

Hey Everyone ...

This weekend our little girl Stella (our dog) turned one :)  This was her as a baby. Omg .. I tear up every time I see that tiny little face!!

Since Stella's birth mom and dad are our friends dogs - we were lucky enough to be able to start visiting her the week she was born!! This was sweet Stella before her little eyes were even open! I know, freaking precious, right?

 Obviously we are those people that treat their animals like real kids. I mean - the first two weeks we had her,  I taught her the ropes. You know, who the important designers are, I.E. - What we NEVER chew on under any circumstance, haha! (I love this picture .. look how it looks like she is totally paying attention)

Yeah, I know people may think we are crazy, but I honestly don't understand why people have animals and treat them any less?

Anyway, if you know me, then you know I wanted to throw the cutest little puppy party that my "just moved into a new house" budget could handle! After several nights of little to no sleep, I had it all ready to go! The majority of our house was free of boxes and organized, I borrowed outdoor tables & chairs, bought or made all the dog decor, ordered special pupcakes, planned dog themed food, Stella even got a fresh PAWdicure....

Then .. it happens. The weather man calls for rain. Not just rain, but scattered "down pours" and even severe weather later in the day. First I moved the party up three hours because it looked as if it wasn't going to start until late afternoon, then with MUCH hesitation (umm, isn't October suppose to be the driest month of the year) I decided to postpone it because I was told that the rain was going to come earlier. Dogs, rain, mud, at an all outdoor party - does not equal much fun.

Wel...what happens?! I wake up on Sunday to wet grass from a MORNING shower, but an otherwise perfect day! Seriously, the closer it got to our original 3pm party time, the prettier it got! They cancelled all warnings for "severe weather" or any rain at all for that matter.

I guess the entire day wasn't a loss. We ended up on Taps pup friendly patio with four of our great friends for an amazing "stuffed burger". Stella's "Aunt Steph" bought her a doggie cake (thankfully the dog bakery said we the pupcakes we bought for the party will stay fresh in a fridge) and Stella got to wear part of her bday party outfit :)

 I can't wait to post pics of the pup party next week! Rain chances or not - it's gonna happen! Looking on the bright side, this just gives me more time to plans some more cheesy puppy themed stuff, right?! :)

Mrs. Green

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