April 21, 2014

Looking Back: The last kiss, the reveal, man tears & a naked sushi girl?!

Hey Everyone ...

Earlier I posted about our wedding eve :) Since THIS is what was happening pretty much exactly this same time 2 years ago .. I wanted to post our "final kiss" before the big day!

My friend Kari was in the car waiting on me to say "good bye" to Doug (Several of my girls stayed at the house with me. Doug stayed in our honeymoon suite). We were standing in front of the car and she snapped this picture. Our final embrace before our wedding day.

I went home that night. Had a little wine with my friends and tried to sleep. My friend Shelly slept downstairs with me. I wrote a journal entry before I fell asleep. I wanted to remember what I was thinking. I actually blogged about it. You can click here to see that. Also make sure and look at some of my older blogs! I've blogged off & on here about our marriage/life :)

Okay. Back on subject. While this may have been our last kiss before our wedding day ..this wasn't our final embrace before "I Do".  Doug and I decided to see each other before the ceremony. We went back and forth on this. Sure there is something magical about everyone watching you see each other for the first time. But everything about this day was going to be magical no matter what. So we decided it was more important to have a little time together before the "ceremony". But we didn't want to do it totally alone. So we lined up our family, wedding party and special friends on each side of the aisle. Doug's back was to me as I walked down. I tapped him on the shoulder ... and he turned to see his bride :) It was such a special/intimate moment. You can actually watch most of the reveal  in our wedding video HERE :)

For those of you pondering what to do. It honestly didn't change the emotion .. the butterflies .. the excitement of seeing each other as everyone stood and I walked down the aisle. This not only made it more special for us. It was more intimate for those that meant the mot to us (and a great photo pop too, lol).  Afterwards .. Doug and I went off to a side room together for some alone time. Honestly .. I don't remember what we said to each other. Doug is better at remembering those things than me. Maybe he can comment and chime in. But I do remember the way I felt. I remember feeling so at ease. Everything felt so "right". It was so calming to know there wasn't a single "doubt" coming from either of us. I was just ... so happy. Our photographer was allowed to be in the room with us. I'm sure glad he did. Yes .. my sweet Doug is crying :)

Since we had most of our photos taken then...it also allowed us to get to our cocktail hour quicker. And yes ... the talk is true. We did have a "naked" sushi girl as the centerpiece of the room!!! Why? Ummm, why NOT?! Our dear friend Gori created her as our wedding present. Pictures just can't do it justice. It was so bad a$$!!!

We wanted the cocktail hour to be more of a concert/party. We had several of our VERY talented friends perform a song of their choice. Nothing sad or sappy. Fun stuff! We asked everyone to kinda just leave us alone and let us enjoy! Afterwards (for a present for Doug) I had all the songs from both the wedding and the cocktail hour put onto a CD so we could listen to it anytime! I called it STOUG: Live at the Nuptials.  I'm working on sharing all that with you tomorrow!! Can't wait for you to hear our talented friends!!

Mrs. Green

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