April 22, 2014

Looking Back: The Morning of "I Do" & Other Details

Good Morning ...

Two years ago today I woke up to my heard pounding ... in a good way :) I was hours away from marrying the man that God crafted just for me!!!!! What an exciting feeling!!!!

Just as I journaled before I fell asleep the night before (and snapped this screen shot above) .. I journaled as soon as I woke up. Here is what I wrote:

I woke up this morning with such a clear mind.  No nerves. No stress. No regrets. Nothing but pure joy. I think I even have a few butterflies. The same ones I used to get when Doug would pull into my driveway when we first started dating.  The same ones I stil feel from time to time when I walk in the door and Doug is standing in our kitchen making me dinner ;-)
My life isn't really changing much today. It's a piece of paper - I know. But it is. Today I make the mos beautiful commitment to the most beautiful man I have ever known. 
As I sit here alone in my thoughts with a few of my best girls upstairs....I could not be more over joyed. I'm actually shedding a few tears!

Today is going to be the best day of my life.

And .. that .. it was :) The most best day of my life!!

Before heading to the venue to get ready (Thank you to the William Edge team), my girls and I went to a really neat local place called The Pfunky Griddle. I bought all my girls matching monogramed  "men's button ups" to wear the day of! Mine said ... what else ... "Wifey" :) They I went to Starbucks. I was so excited to ask them to write "The Bride" instead of "Stacy" on my cup, lol! Can you believe they didn't give me my coffee free btw .. whhaaaaaat!? HaHa

As with every wedding ... Nothing wen't "perfect" that day. The venue still wasn't finished (see my first blog), my skin decided to freak out - literally WHILE my make up artist Katje was putting on my make up .. it was like .. hey where did this little guy (bump) come from, haha ... AND then there were things that I didn't even know about. My sweet husband kept (at least) two HUGE things from me until after the wedding so I wouldn't stress out. Good husband, haha :) We were both able to get ready for our big day semi stress free :)

I know people say it all the time .. but it is so true. At the end of the day all that mattered was that I became Mrs. Stacy Green. Regardless .. so much beauty surrounded us. So much LOVE!
I had my parents there. BOTH of them. I had family come into town from all over. So did Doug.

I the most gorgeous dress by the fabulous designer Olia Zavozina.

I had the most perfect Jimmy Choo wedding shoes ... given to me as a gift by my "Man of Honor".

My bouquet was made up of gorgeous bling given to me by friends and family. There were even pieces of jewelry from both mine and Doug's late grandmothers.

We had my niece Bella and Doug's niece Bri as our other flower girls. And Doug's niece Tasia and our sweet little fur child Stella as .... The Keepers of the Rings :) We decided instead of a pillow ... to tie our bands with twine around Doug's family Bible :)

I had all my best girls (and guy) by my side and Doug had his.
One neat note about that. You will see more about it when I post our Ceremony. But we did something very different. Instead of having all my girls stand beside me and all Doug's guy stand beside him ... we mixed it up. Again .. going with the theme of "Two  Become One". My friends are his and his friends are mine. It was so perfect. So us.

A few raindrops fell just before our guests arrived. Someone told me that was good luck. As I gazed out the window ... I imagined it was our loved ones in heaven .. shedding happy tears .. celebrating that we found each other. Rejoicing that we were both so happy.

Speaking of them. We had an entire bookcase of pictures/poem dedicated to our loved ones that couldn't be there with us. Immediately after the ceremony Doug and I went there and had a moment with them.

 Our entire wedding video is way too long and personal to post. But I do want to share it with you in some capacity. That is why I'm doing this. Later today I am going to post the verbatim of our Ceremony that I took months crafting from deep down in my little heart. You won't get the same feel as hearing it .. but hopefully you can take your mind there as you read it. We also plan to post our vows that we both wrote to each other and hopefully our music if I can get it all uploaded correctly! But right now .. I'll just share this. Our wedding video. I'm sure you have seen it before. Those of you reading this are probably our friends & most faithful followers. But I don't know about you .. I could watch it again and again.

CLICK HERE if you are on a smart phone or tablet and the video is not popping up!


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