October 03, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Hey Ya'll ...

My hubs is by far a small man. He is 6'1'' 218 pounds to be exact. (Not gonna lie I kinda fell in love with his muscles first, hehe) Anyway, you would think that a guy of his size wouldn't be scared of much - and he's not - except one thing. Spiders.

Tonight he went downstairs to our finished basement to spray for bugs before we start unpacking boxes down there and I hear him yell for me in a not so masculine voice. Okay, okay, it wasn't "girly" but it was a tad frantic.

I went downstairs and he's literally standing on one side of the room - bug spray in hand - and just pointing to the OTHER side of the room.  He said "Stacy, there is a spider somewhere over there and it jumps really high". I tried to ensure him that it was likely a grasshopper and that they are suppose to be good luck in your house (right?)

Regardless, we both wanted to find that little sucker to make sure. One of us would move furniture while the other stood with bug spray in hand.  The hubs "moving" furniture was more than amusing. He would literally push it like 2 inches and jump back 2 feet - or jump up ON our couch. Seriously?! A 218 pound man is afraid of a spider. This wasn't going to well.  Finally I took on the task of moving furniture and handed the spray over to the hubs. We saw the little guy (I say little but in the hubs words he was HUGE .. seriously he wasn't) but he literally just vanished the second we sprayed in his direction (to hubs credit .. it did jump).  We are hoping that we sprayed enough bug spray that no matter where he is hiding he can't survive.

The hubs of course took to Google afterwards and pointed out to me that there are jumping spiders - but they aren't poisonous. Not sure that gives me any more relief. Considering I have a jumping spider .. and a jumping husband.

Mrs. Green

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